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Between the Covers of the Book of Mormon - AUDIOBOOK


This 3CD set contains 53 chapters of stories and scriptural concepts directly gleaned from the Book of Mormon.  These audio illustrations paint a picture of the constant battles between good and evil that happened before, during and after the birth, death and resurrection of Christ among the people of ancient America.

The original book, written by Verda E Bryant, became a restoration classic and was first published in 1945.  The words can be easily understood and enjoyed by people of all ages.  Over the years, this popular book has inspired many readers to learn more about the blessings in store for them if they will follow the Lord and seek to do His will among their friends and neighbors. 

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Now in audio book form, this classic can be enjoyed in the car on trips, while jogging, or before bed in the comfort of your child's bedroom.  It also makes a great gift that shows the love of Christ in a unique way.  Don't forget to also order Between the Covers of the Doctrine & Covenants Audio Book!






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